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Proud that we are one of few firms in Libya that offer environmental consultancy services. Helping our clients to help the environment in Libya and elsewhere, based in Misurata Libya since 2004 and approved by the Environment General Authority in Libya (EGA).

The office is founded and directed by Dr. W. Walda who is considered as one of the pioneers in Libya.

Dr. W. Walda, was graduated with a first degree (BSc.) in Environmental studies in 1991. During (1992-1995) Dr. Walda worked as an environmental advisor to the Ports Authority in Libya. He had his Masters degree (MSc.) in 1996 majoring in Integrated Environmental studies from  the University of Southampton in the UK.

In 2003 Dr. Walda had his Doctorate degree (PhD.) in oil pollution from the University of Southampton in the UK. Beside his main post as a lecturer at the university, he works now as a consultant to the Environment General Authority (EGA) reviewing EIAs and providing technical advice.

He also conducted several training courses in pollution control and environmental assessment and contributed to several studies as an independent consultant with many international consultancy firms such as DNVNorway.

Our team and friends:

Studies are conducted through a team of experts in different science disciplines such as hydrology, biology, ecology, geography and chemistry.

Based on respect and transparency we have built good ties with several institutions both in governmental and private sectors in Libya. Some of our experts work on regular basis as consultants to several institutions providing technical assistance.  Good network of friends is always helpful.






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